Emilie Gallier


Emilie Gallier presents a lecture/performance, during which she unfolds three scores and draw their prints. Her textual score intermingles with the kinetic score of Tomaž Simatovic who probes the dance material of her choreography ‘The dorsal chance’, and with the video-projection. In a move to acknowledge what is already there, at the back, one slows down: take the time for a glimpse of double-concentration.

The ‘dorsal’ posture shifts the attention from the front to the back, the out of sight. Without erasing the front, but rather in relation to it, the back triggers double-concentration – like the rays of a lighthouse, attention is distributed to opposite directions. Double-concentration generates the turn, a dynamic for change. How would the approach from unforeseen angles inform our knowledge of performance? How to transform the matter of performance through the dorsal perspective?

By Emilie Gallier together with Tomaž Simatovic

dorsallecture dorsallecture dorsallecture dorsallecture ©Emilie Gallier
July 2011, HZT @ Berlin Uferstudios.
September 2011, Amsterdam Notation network.