Emilie Gallier


‘So, the performance is only the reading of the book?‘

The book turns into performance from the moment one reads it; when the space and time that are inside come together with the body of the reader.
The book introduces you to a movement vocabulary made of poetry, keywords, instructions, mathematic equations, Laban notation, drawing, and discourse. Stairs, air, red dots, triangles, lines, form the imaginary landscape of the piece.

In the theatre, ‘Sync‘ is a performance with no other performers than spectators themselves gathered for a collective reading experience.
Step on stage, take the book, choose your space, compose your reading, test a manipulation of objects, test the movements (movements of thoughts, breathing, shifts of perspectives, gazes, mechanisms of expansion-retraction), connect with your neighbor, ask for help to your neighbor. Experience the intimacy of individual reading within the collective.

Around the table, ‘Sync‘ takes the form of a book-club. Readers-spectators, who have received the book and got their individul reading experience (at home, in a train, in a library), gather and talk about the book as a performance they've seen.

In the studio, ‘Sync‘ is a workshop about reading choreography.

See also the lecture If we were together in Print.

Concept, choreography: Emilie Gallier
Poetry: Jannah Loontjens
Essay: Daniel Rovers
Design: Dennis Gaens
Performers: audience, readers

Wintertuin Literair Productiehuis, Generale Oost Theater & Dans productiehuis, ArtEZ, PØST Cie Emilie Gallier, ICKamsterdam, Dansmakers

The book is available via Books on the move.

book-performance, © Emilie Gallier book-club, © Emilie Gallier interview by Marlon Barrios Solano sync sync

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23 November 2012, Labo21 ICKamsterdam
5 november 2012, Volksroom, Brussels
11 and 13 October 2012, Counter Punch! Punch! festival, Dansmakers Amsterdam
24 May 2012 ArtEZ Theatre 3, Arnhem
17-18 March 2012 Dansmakers Amsterdam
26 Nov. 2011 Wintertuin festival, Nijmegen
10 and 17 Nov. 2011 Generale Oost, Arnhem