Emilie Gallier

I am a choreographer researcher. Working from people’s implicatedness with each other’s secret worlds, the worlds of dreams and of imagination, is the heart of my choreographer’s practice. For over a decade I have been in search for invisible movements by using the writing and the reading of movement as tools. I wrote scores for the audience to read and I experimented with the sharing of individual expertise in the real time of performance (Twists in the Body of the Big Spectator, 2013-15). I designed a book as a performance and I observed the place of expectation in people’s reading (sync, 2012).
Today, my choreographic practice focuses on designing landscapes that include all agents of the performance. Audience members, performers and objects evolve in these choreographic landscapes, they contemplate, and they read (often in the literal sense). I use dance in its written and performed forms as my main medium that then expand into collaborative fields, for instance: graphic design and magic. This practice translates into performance works, scores, choreographic books, hybrid articles, lecture performances, and research papers.

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Currently PhD candidate at the Center for Dance Research (Coventry University) , and THIRD Research Fellow (DAS Graduate School, Amsterdam). My area of research concerns Reading in Performance: it is about dance documentation and audience participation. My recent work ‘Papier Multiforme et Papier Comestible’ (2018/2019) is the performative chapter of my PhD thesis.
I graduated from the Master of Choreography of the ArtEZ Institute of the Arts in Arnhem, I was part of the Programme de Recherche et de Compositions Chorégraphiques in Royaumont with Myriam Gourfink. I hold a degree in Labanotation from the Conservatoire de Paris, a Bachelor degree in Arts History (Universite de Rennes), and a State Degree of Dance Pedagody and Modern Dance techniques (Rencontres Internationales de Danse Contemporaine, Paris).