Emilie Gallier

Remote and analogue performances
24/9/20 to 5/11/20

A pocket-book, a postcard, a pen, a paper, phones, numbers, a stopwatch, another postcard, paper pellets, a pond, a calculator, the views from some windows, phones, a mixer.

‘Dial-a-Spectacle’ is a limited edition of offline performances presented over seven weeks. It starts through postal mails and continues through sensorial telephone events.

From reading to speaking over the phone, ‘Dial-a-Spectacle’ generates attention to different forms of remote or long distance spectatorship. It starts with the pocket book ‘Papier incomestible’, which is a reading performance, situated in the intimate space of the reader. ‘Papier telephone’ then takes the act of reading to the listening space of the telephone. Bouncing from these two events, like ricochets of the book and the phone performance, three new works are specially produced for ‘Dial-a-Spectacle’. Critically acclaimed magician Vincent Gambini (aka Augusto Corrieri) performs magic for the phone. Poet and composer Margarida Guia plays her poetic sound journey composing live with recordings she collected for the past two years around Emilie Gallier and her collaborators. Writer, dramaturge, radio maker and mixer, Fransien van der Putt gives us to listen in on many telephone lines and many conversations at once.

‘Dial-a-Spectacle’ is a project of PØST Cie Emilie Gallier with De Nieuwe Dans Bibliotheek, and the Centre for Dance Research C-DaRE (Coventry University). It is supported by the grant ‘North Sea Neighbours’ by the Embassy of the Netherlands in the UK
Graphic design of envelope and postcards by Connie Nijman

8/10/20 8pm UTC+1 Papier telephone, Emilie Gallier, Nina Boas, Camille Gerbeau, Katinka Marac
22/10/20 8pm UTC+1 Ricochet #1, The view from my window, Vincent Gambini
29/10/20 8pm UTC+1 Ricochet #2, Margarida Guia
5/11/20 8pm UTC+1 Ricochet #3, Fransien van der Putt