Emilie Gallier

Papier incomestible

‘Papier incomestible' (2020) ate a part of 'Papier comestible' (2018), this edible book of loose pages which performs inside the theatre for the performance 'Papier multiforme, Papier comestible'. 'Papier incomestible is a book that digests another book. It turns into something new, a new performative document. One that does not perform in the theatre but more probably in a house, on a sofa, on a train, in a park, on a shelf, in a box, under a pile of forgotten books.'

This is book number one of De Nieuwe Dansbibliotheek (The New Dance Library). DNDB publishes notations, secondary texts and translations in handy booklets, in order to provide an insight into the practice of dance and choreography in The Netherlands and Flanders.

A special edition of 'Papier incomestible' was made for the miniseries of remote and analogue performances 'Dial-a-Spectacle'. The audience received this little book through their mail boxes.

24 September 2020, special edition for 'Dial-a-Spectacle'
7 March 2020, book launch at Come Together, Frascati, Amsterdam