Emilie Gallier


Faces is inspired for the inhabitants of the central station’s district in Luxembourg - Emile Larosche, Anabelle Marxen, Camille Thill, Kalonji Tshinza, Patrick Ullveling, Patrick Zikondolo, The senses gathered in various locations, and the facials expressions are brough together in a short movie. They are transformed in a sensible choreographic vocabulary. Two dancers follow each other on stage to show in one body the multiple sides of one district.

Choreography: Emilie Gallier
Dancers: Christelle Dronne, Jeanna Serikbaeyeva-Laroche
Captation, realization: Matthieu Chevallier
Music: Héloïselle, Meredith Monk, Nine Inch Nails
Costums: Juliette Bogers

Duration: 38 minutes

Coproduction: Pépinières Européènnes pour Jeunes artistes, map 2008-2009; TROIS C-L, Agence Luxembourgeoise d’Action Culturelle, CCRN Abbaye de Neumünster, Le gouvernement du grand duché de Luxembourg Ministère de la Culture, momentum, PØST Cie - 2009


16-17 June 2011 Generale Oost Arnhem
11 Sept. 2009 TROIS C-L Luxembourg