Emilie Gallier

Papier telephone

‘Papier telephone’ was first hosted by iii in June 2020. This first event rendered public the practice of dream-like readings that took place over the phone between Nina Boas, Emilie Gallier, Camille Gerbeau, and Katinka Marac, since March 2020.

A score in the form of a box filled with loose pages is published online. A phone call is scheduled. During this phone call, four hosts read from the loose pages, they wander through them. They read with a tactile gaze. Their eyes are feet. They invoke guests and ghosts. With a paper, a pen, and a phone, the audience listens in on images while doodling. The audience listens out for the margins. ‘Papier Telephone’ lasts eighteen minutes and thirty-seven seconds (a magician’s promise).

‘Papier telephone’ takes place over the phone using the service provided by 'freeconferencecall.com'. Spectators from all over the world can attend. There is a phone number assigned to each country, and the access code for the listening space of 'Papier telephone' is 1188703#.
From the Netherlands, dial 097 05 500 1844 and then enter the access code 1188703#. From the United Kingdom, dial 0330 606 0403 and then enter the access code 1188703#. From France dial 07 56 75 00 51 and then enter the access code 1188703#. From Belgium, dial 02 894 33 47 and then enter the access code 1188703#. From Germany, dial 0221 98882120 and then enter the access code 1188703#. Brazil: 017 93618 0920. Colombia: 01 48 50 832. Denmark: 078 88 25 21. Irland: 01 437 3270. Italy: 006 4520 0644. Norway: 0852 95 711. Portugal: 0308 801 714. United States: 0701 802 5378. For other countries click here.   

performance: Nina Boas, Katinka Marac, Camille Gerbeau, Emilie Gallier
score: Emilie Gallier
advice: Margarida Guia, Lars Kynde, Fransien van der Putt
production: PØST Cie Emilie Gallier
original commission: iii
presented by: De Nieuwe Dans Bibliotheek, Centre for Dance Research (C-DaRE)
with the financial support of: the Dutch Embassy in the United Kingdom

Images of doodles sent by spectators, June 2020.

'Dial-a-Spectacle', De Nieuwe Dans Bibliotheek, C-DaRE, 8 October 2020
iii, 14 June 2020