Emilie Gallier

The dorsal chance

‘The dorsal chance’ crystallizes the instant of a threshold. A body seen from behind is exposed: performer or spectator. On a frontier that is both front and back, it passes through and experiences an inner elasticity. One stands on the place of departure, or perhaps of detour. A shift of attention towards the out-of-sight awakes the sensation of the back and triggers the taste of the unforeseen. In this fragile posture emerges the possibility of a turn.

choreography, concept: Emilie Gallier
performers: Ines Belda, Fabritia D'Intino, Amir Rappapport
light: Léa Canu-Ginoux
costums: Juliette Bogers
guidance: Thomas Körtvélyessy, Joao da Silva

PØST Cie with the support of ArtEZ Dansacademie

thedorsalchance thedorsalchance thedorsalchance thedorsalchance thedorsalchance photos Thibaut Prod'homme

20 Nov. 2011 Scheltema Leiden
7,8 April 2011 ArtEZ Arnhem