Emilie Gallier

Movements of reading and dreams, keys to other realities

"I read and I daydream. ... My reading is thus a sort of impertinent absence. Is reading an exercise in ubiquity?" Michel De certeau, 1984
"We may not be aware of it at every momentm but at every moment we are dreaming. You are dreaming as you read these lines. ... Like breathing, it goes on day and night." Catherine Shainberg, 2005

How does reading move us? The practice concentrates on movements of reading, i.e. the often invisible movements generated while reading. We cultivate the tiny movements (of perception, of thoughts, of imagination) and give them the chance to grow, spread, and expand to the other; in search for new realities collectively composed.
The practice comprehends:
- The study of the reading-movement and of the performance of readership: with dance improvisation and speculative movement exercises, we awaken a tactile gaze (a reading beyond symbols and straightforward meaning making), and we practice dreaming as a possible way of reading, how might reading lead us to the dream, to dance, and to glimpses of the unknown universe of someone else?
- The dancing with and within landscapes of paper
- The sharing of imagined narratives and their material manifestations (dances of the imprint, dances of the pencil, narrated dances)

readinganddream readinganddream

September-October 2017, LAK courses, Leiden University
13-14 May 2017, Regards Dansants, Festival d’Art Chorégraphique Contemporain en Cotentin Du Corps Social au Corps Dansant
April 2017, LAK courses, Leiden University