Emilie Gallier

Papier gribouillé
Papier téléphone

‘Papier gribouillé, Papier téléphone’ is a twofold performance practice, for reading and for listening. The first experiment is hosted by iii. A spectator's score and a series of pages are published online. A phone call is scheduled. During this phone call, four hosts read from the online pages, they wander through them.

If you are not calling from the NL, you should dial a different number: FR: 07 56 75 00 51, BE: 02 894 33 47, DK: 78 77 25 21, UK: 0330 606 0403, DE: 0221 98882120. For other countries check this page

‘Papier gribouillé, Papier téléphone’ joins a collection of Papiers where there is also 'Papier multiforme, Papier comestible' (performance 2018), 'Papier incomestible' (book 2020), 'Papiers voisins' (phd tehsis upcoming). Like in a dictionary where words are used to define other words, the performative forms of papiers interconnect and are co-dependent.   

performance: Nina Boas, Katinka Marac, Camille Gerbeau, Emilie Gallier
spectator's score and online pages: Emilie Gallier
drawings of chairs by: Jamillah Sungkar
production: PØST Cie Emilie Gallier
commissioned by: iii

Online pages

iii, 14 June 2020