Emilie Gallier

Read. Move. Implicated.
silent lecture

Read. Move. Implicated. is a lecture for which noone will ever speak, but only read. This silent lecture proposes to experience the implication that the reading movement allows. Unified as readers, performers and spectators have the opportunity to be implicated, in other words, they can contribute to the event with a little bit of themselves or more. This lecture-performance advocates the practice of thinking together with spectators, giving importance to every kind of knnowledge. In its transfer of codes (playing with academic codes: the research poster, in performative ways) the lecture inspires other ways of doing research in the moment of presentation.

My lecture was about folds, me folding into myself performing. And its title could be: Collapsing senses of performance as a whole.
My lecture was about the various « houdingen » (attitudes/postures) you can take towards the material that you are confronted with. It forces you to re-think constantly what you are experiencing. A title? « What you read is what you get » or « over verhoudingen »
My lecture was about reflections on readings, thinking, feeling and the act of being looked at. And its title could be: performing spectatorship.
My lecture was about how it is funny to see how something static, like a statement is used to crack the rigidness I have (had) always perceived towards Dance reading (notation wise). The dance is already there… And its title could be Statement - State - Static?

readmoveimplicated readmoveimplicated readmoveimplicated readmoveimplicated readmoveimplicated

5-7 September 2016, TaPRA 2016 Conference, Documenting Performance Working Group, University of Bristol
7-9 April 2016, Artistic Research, Is There Some Method?, Academy of Performing Arts, Prague
4 march 2016, Digital Echoes Symposium - (re)collecting the past: (re)making the future, C-DaRE, Coventry University
31 October 2015, symposium Practice as Research, Medical School Hamburg, GTF Gezellschaft fur tanzforschung
28 February 2015, Connect! De relatie tussen performer en toeschouwer, Utrecht, VDO Vereniging voor Dansonderzoek