Emilie Gallier

reading choreography

The workshop aims at challenging our understanding of notation and spectatorship. Experience being reader/theatre/spectator/performer via the book sync. We explore different types of encounter with the book by trying variable beginnings. We share our physical experiences of reading the choreography (with movements of thoughts, breathing, shifts of perspectives, mechanisms of expansion-retraction). We exchange our personal interpretations, and re-name/re-write/re-invent the score with newly generated movements of thoughts, imagination, and actions.

sync_scores sync_scores sync_scores sync_scores ©Emilie Gallier

18, 19, 20 May 2012, CLOUD, The Hague
3, 4, 5 Feb. 2012, ICKamsterdam + lecture research encounter with Bertha Bermudez et Kerstien Kussmaul