Emilie Gallier

Twists in the body
of the Big Spectator

A giant body made of red dots, sound cells, chairs, spectators, performers, crumpled paper, cardboard.

When entering the theatre, a body forms itself and begins to breathe. How is this body, its skin, its voice? Composed with reiteration, the piece is an invitation to contemplate, observe, change perspective, decipher some rules, and play in a more or less visible way. The body of the Big Spectator takes many breathe, for practices of collective sensing, thinking, counting.

concept, choreography: Emilie Gallier
with: Lea Canu-Ginoux, Ola Maciejewska, Adaline Anobile, Jean-Baptiste Veyret-Logerias
sound objects and music composition: Lars Kynde
design of the implicated spectators' kit: Jamillah Sungkar
advice: Bertha Bermudez, Suzy Blok, Thibaut Prod'homme.

production: PØST Cie witht the support of Dansmakers, International Choreographic Arts Centre (ICKamsterdam), Fonds PodiumKunsten, CLOUD, De Pianofabriek, ArtEZ Dansacademie.

twist twist twist twist twist twist twist twist twist twist twist photos Thibaut Prodhomme

2 May 2015 Performance, De Meelfabriek Leiden.
17 July 2013 Very implicated spectator event 2 (Amsterdam, ICK).
30 June 2013 Research presentation at De Pianofabriek (Brussels).
25 May 2013 Very implicated spectator event 1 (Amsterdam, AHK).
17, 18 March 2012 Research presentation at Dansmakers Amsterdam.