Emilie Gallier


Nina Boas (1980, Saumur, France) lives and works in Amsterdam. She graduated in 2003 from the AKI, ArtEZ in Enschede. Since then, she developed a practice in performance art and gradually ended up in the theater circuit. In 2012 she made a theatrical performance at Feikes Huis and a few years later in 2016 she graduated from the master's program DAS theater in Amsterdam. Boas co-founded Performance Art Event(PAE) in 2009 and is member of the group TRICKSTER. Boas programmed a PAE in the Amstelpark in 2018 -Echoes of Shamanism- Since then her art practice increasingly focuses on self-healing. Next to her work with the Glaneuses, Boas is scenographer for the performance Wij Wolf by Profound Play (Grand Theatre, Groningen) and is part of the duo Botanic Circus.

Nienke Terpsma is a visual artist and book designer. Since 2004, she has been making the traveling artist-(maga)zine for non-academic research Fucking Good Art together with Rob Hamelijnck. FGA is engaged in field research into the humus, life around art, (local) conditions of art and culture, with a special interest in oral history, histories of ideas, anarchism, ecology. www.fuckinggoodart.nl

Camille Gerbeau

Katinka Marac

Margarida Guia

Jamillah Sungkar

Tilman Andris

Association Les Minieres

DAS Research, Academy of Theater and Dance, Amsterdam Hogeschool voor de Kunsten

De Nieuwdansbibliotheek

Emilie Gallier is a choreographer researcher who lives between Leiden (The Netherlands) and Les Minieres (France). She developed the idea and practice of reading in and as performance, in her practice-as-research PhD: Reading in Performance, Lire en Spectacle (2021, Centre for Dance Research Coventry University, DAS Graduate School). Her engagement with artistic research as a researcher (DAS Research, Amsterdam Hogeshool voor de Kunsten), a tutor (THIRD), peer (PEERS, Zürich), co-editor (De Nieuwedansbibliotheek), bookworm, gleaner and spectator, shapes her attention and experience with forms of writing and publishing, and with what is active in practices. She is co-founder of Les Minieres in Normandy (France), gathering regenerative agriculture and performing art practices.

Emilie works through dance and choreographic practices in multi-modal and multi-disciplinary settings. She co-develops performances, publications, edible documents, visceral practices, dances, dreams, conversations, and peer exchange within spaces of the stage, the page, telephone, gardens, forests, libraries and studios.