Emilie Gallier

The dorsal chance

‘The dorsal chance’ crystallizes the instant of a threshold. A body seen from behind is exposed: performer or spectator. On a frontier that is both front and back, it passes through and experiences an inner elasticity. One stands on the place of departure, or perhaps of detour. A shift of attention towards the out-of-sight awakes the sensation of the back and triggers the taste of the unforeseen. In this fragile posture emerges the possibility of a turn.

Choreography, concept: Emilie Gallier
Performers: Ines Belda, Fabritia D'Intino, Amir Rappapport
Light: Léa Canu-Ginoux
Costums: Juliette Bogers
Guidance: Thomas Körtvélyessy, Joao da Silva

Duration: 25 minutes
Connected event: 'Dorsal' Lecture performance with Tomaz Simatovic, 25 minutes

Coproduction: ArtEZ Dansacademie, PØST Cie Emilie Gallier - 2011

thedorsalchance thedorsalchance thedorsalchance thedorsalchance thedorsalchance ©Thibaut Prod'homme

20 Nov. 2011 Scheltema Leiden
7,8 April 2011 ArtEZ Arnhem